Create and Share Valuable Educational Content That Generates New Sales Leads

Mintaka Marketing Communications specializes in copywriting, content creation, and content marketing. We help you create and share effective and valuable technical content that educates your target market about your products and services and generates a steady stream of qualified sales leads.

We work mostly with companies engaged in:

  • Hardware and software development for the industrial and scientific marketplace
  • Technical services including design and contract R&D and engineering
  • Technical educational products and services

Our network of content creators and professional copywriters speak the same language as your technical team and your marketing team, so we know how to translate the features of your products and services into a regular flow of lead-generating articles, e-books, case studies, white papers, and email.

If you lack in-house resources for content marketing, or if you need a fresh look at your content marketing strategy and messaging, we can help you get started quickly and cost effectively.

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